American Phytolaca & Ainus Acuminata

SKASKAHS® is a 100% natural mexican product, formulated fcrom a combination of American Phytolaca & Ainus Acuminata. Although those plants do not have a therapeutic reaction by themselves, together, in combination, they produce a reaction that really eradicates Psoriasis in 45 days. This short time depends on the severity of your disease. At this time, no product provides you with a real Psoriasis cure!
This combination is patented & also registered before Secrretary of Health with the sanitary permit 011RH/2003 SSA, the Mexican patent PA/a/2004/007567 & the International patent procedure PCT/MX2005/000036.

Is there the possibility of any secondary reaction or relapse?
No, our therapy does not have any secondary reaction or effect, due to our natural and safe herbal remedies. Our scientific investigation was supervised and advised by The Division de Estudios de Postgrado de la Facultad de Quimica de la U.N.A.M. where this products were verified & tested on laboratory animals, so that we offer our patients safe and trusted products. We also are sure that no relapse will occur eradicating this disease completely.

In how much time can you eradicate this disease?
A total eradication takes an average of 45 days and 4 ultraviolet rays camera sessions. Considering your total compliance to the treatment instructions & suggestions, we guaranty you will be free of this disease no matter the time you have been suffering from it.